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Protect Your
Network With
Perimeter Security

FlexITechs has added perimeter network security products and services that stop attacks, viruses and spam before they hit your network.

Our solutions can also provide monitoring of employee computer usage with daily, weekly and monthly reports to enforce Acceptable Use Policies.

Email Security
Compliance Suite

The FlexIT Email Security Compliance Suite addresses the anti-spam, email archiving and recovery, and email encryption needs of many small businesses. Click the link above for the numerous benefits this suite provides.

Data Backups
and Monitoring

Will your data backups actually work if needed? Thirty percent don't. Learn about our data backup, monitoring and testing plans that mitigate the risk of failed backups.

Benefits of
Managed Services

Learn more about the benefits Managed Services can provide small businesses, even in difficult economic times.

Protect Your Network,
Monitor Your Employees

Think your antivirus software and firewall protects you from hackers? Think you can completely trust all of your employees?

Many small business owners have the mistaken impression that antivirus software provides all the protection their computer network needs only to scratch their heads later about how a virus or malware got on their computers, or how a hacker retrieved sensitive information including bank accounts, user names and passwords.

Many also rarely consider the threat posed by employees to their network's security, either through outright theft or negligence or unwittingly assisting outside attackers.

A recent study by Visa showed that since 2005, small businesses have been the source of 80 percent of data security compromises.

With this in mind, FlexITechs offers our FlexIT End-User Security service, powered by the highly regarded security solution firm Sophos and complimented by our FlexIT End User Education program, as well as our FlexIT Managed Security service, both designed to protect your company from external and internal threats.

Sophos End-User Protection
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  • It's user-based -- policies, controls and protection from the Sophos End-User Protection suite in place at the office follow end-users everywhere -- in the office, on an appointment, at home, in a coffee shop, etc. -- thereby mitigating the chance they could be infected using other networks or introduce an infection to the office network from outside
  • It securely enables BYOD -- It mitigates the ris k of employees introducing threats to the office network and losing corporate data when they use their personal mobile devices for work by requiring passcodes, locking or wiping a stolen or lost device remotely, and prohibiting the use of jail-broken or rooted devices
  • It's cloud-based -- infections on web sites are blocked in the cloud before reaching your network
  • It's monitored -- email alerts and a Dashboard show us infections that have been cleaned or that need to be cleaned manually, as opposed to traditional anti-virus, where we often don't know of an infection until the computer has another problem days, weeks or even months later
  • It utilizes a Host Intrusion Protection System -- HIPS goes beyond the definitions traditional anti-virus uses to catch unknown threats by blocking unusual behavior indicative of an attack, even if it's not in the definition database
  • It's multi-platform -- it can be used on Windows laptops and desktops, Android and Apple tablets and phones, and Windows servers
  • It enforces acceptable use policies -- we can control the types of web sites employees visit based on your preferences
  • Itís priced per user rather than per device -- if you have a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and server, they would all be covered under one user rather than 5 devices
  • End-user education: a very important part of the solution, our end-user education program keeps end-users vigilant through a monthly email covering the latest threats, tricks and cons, coupled with emergency alerts about imminent threats
  • Our customizable perimeter network security services block external threats before they ever reach your network.
  • Monitor your employees' network usage including web site surfing to help enforce Acceptable Use Policies.
  • Receive monthly reports detailing all network activities including violations by workstation.
  • Block viruses, spyware and malware including Ad blocking software that prevents web site ads, a common source of infection, from appearing on visited web sites.
  • Customizable anti-spam feature allows you to pick and choose who can email you.
  • Phishing blocker stops known email phishing attacks from reaching your employees.
  • Control the applications and bandwidth employees can use.
  • Initial employee security training, followed up by ongoing email newsletter highlighting the latest hacker tricks with emergency alerts for imminent threats.

To learn more about how these security services can help your business maintain a safe network, call Eric Magill at 302-537-4198. To request a quote, please submit our contact form.


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