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Protect Your
Network With
Perimeter Security

FlexITechs has added perimeter network security products and services that stop attacks, viruses and spam before they hit your network.

Our solutions can also provide monitoring of employee computer usage with daily, weekly and monthly reports to enforce Acceptable Use Policies.

Email Security
Compliance Suite

The FlexIT Email Security Compliance Suite addresses the anti-spam, email archiving and recovery, and email encryption needs of many small businesses. Click the link above for the numerous benefits this suite provides.

Data Backups
and Monitoring

Will your data backups actually work if needed? Thirty percent don't. Learn about our data backup, monitoring and testing plans that mitigate the risk of failed backups.

Benefits of
Managed Services

Learn more about the benefits Managed Services can provide small businesses, even in difficult economic times.

FlexITechs FAQs ...

Following is a list of questions we are most often asked about our services:

Q: What do you mean by "on-site" computer services?

A: We specialize in on-site computer services in your office or home to save you the time of taking your computer to the shop. Also, if your computer is still working but just needs an upgrade or an annoying bug fixed, you don't lose the service of your computer while it's in the shop.

Q: If my computer is still working but needs some work, will I lose computer time while you're here?

A: Obviously, you will not be able to work on your computer while we're there, but we can schedule an appointment for a time that won't inconvenience you. This could be before or after hours or during lunch or other times when you don't use your computer.

Q: How long have you been in business?

We've been in computer-related businesses since 1996, first as web site designers, then as Internet Service Providers, and then in computer repair, which has been our primary business since 2004.

Q: Who are some of your clients?

A: We have performed repairs, upgrades, networking, monitoring and maintenance for more than 100 local clients, including respected local companies such as:

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: All services are payable on completion. We accept checks or cash.

Q: What are your Terms and Policies for computer system and parts sales?

A: Please go to our Policies page for detailed information on our warranty and refund policies.

To schedule an appointment to learn more about how our computer services can benefit you, your computers, your employees, your company and your customers, Contact Us.


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